This site will continue to optimize the takedown process to fulfill all legal duties and guidelines. To reach this goal this takedown form is the only way notices will be accepted and processed.

The benefits of the takedown notice form:

1) effective handling and prevention of copyright infringement
2) simple handling, easy to use submission processt
3) faster processing of your takedowns
4) improved documentation and logging Registered users of the Takedown Form have the option to use an Application Programming Interface (API).

For more information please contact our Technical Support. Please note that Takedown Notices received through the Technical Support Contact-Form will not be processed! In order to process Takedown Notifications, please use the following Takedown Form. To write a proper takedown notice, state the following information: *I am the owner of the infringing content. an agent, commissioned and allowed to file this takedown notice on behalf of the rightholder on this email address: [email protected]


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